Liz McClanahan

Expressive. Unexpected. Uniquely Entertaining.
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Join Lean In & The Girls Scouts to Ban Bossy. Encourage Girls to Lead. Learn more at

Almost Settled

I realized -

Your life and mine
were never the same.

Your love and mine
were never aligned.

We ran -

same path.
different pace.

I don’t trust anything
simple, sound, and safe.


Copyright All rights reserved by Tanja Brueckner (thank you for the photo)

and Everlasting.

One sound.
or touch.

Takes you to that moment.
You feel the fear.
You taste the love.

The spinning stops.
Gravity disappears.
and you relive. 

the past…
now your present.
and always part of your future. 

Look. Don’t Touch.

Tempted by

Captivating beauty.
Remarkable design.
Sheer originality.

Not so fast.

Like a kid in a candy store.

Waiting. Watching. Wishing.

Will it be mine?

Battle Unarmed

The past -
can be vivid, harsh and cruel.

Words in a diary.
Scents of perfume.
Back to a moment long forgotten,
stored in the vault.
never to be opened.

until now.

The most unpleasant moments.
The most difficult battles.
The most tragic experiences.
never to be relived.

until now.

I am ready to fight any battle.

Favorite Things

Copyright All rights reserved by CanberraBec (thank you for the awesome photo)

It was like
finishing the final pages of your favorite book
singing along during the final verse of the encore

We sprint to this moment.
We live this moment.
We miss this moment.

Looking back on this moment…

It was -
The perfect ending.
In perfect pitch.

Who thought bittersweet could taste so good?

*Dear Inspiration,

Thank you for what you may never know you did. You provided me with a brighter past and changed me for the better.

Goes Down In History

Copyright All rights reserved by kawkawpa (thank you for the photo)

It is yours.
It is ours.
It is permanently placed.

In your pages.
In your past.

No matter the

Embrace the strategic plan
the unfamiliar path.

Each step.
Each breath.
and every word…
are worth
a page in the record book.

It Hit Me

Copyright All rights reserved by samentalmonkey (thank you for the photo)

Your eyes,
so different than mine.

Your time,
much slower than mine.

despite our differences,
perspective and

there is no doubt.

it’s not coincidence.
chance. or fate.

Early Bird

Copyright All rights reserved by greaterumbrage (thank you for the photo)

push. move. rush.
overcome. accomplish.

rapid pace.
fear of failure.

love/hate relationship with the
anxiety. priority. and achievement.

blank lines.
empty pages.

answer me.

where is my worm.

Put It Together

Copyright All rights reserved by J Devaun


love. beauty. perfection.
failure. distress. disappointment.


create corners.
form the border.
develop foundations. 

finish your perfect puzzle.